Completed Projects

Kaero has been servicing clients for 2+ years and our approach is to take a business problem and offer a sustainable and effective solution to our large, and small customers.  Examples of some of the projects Kaero has done are: Detroit Electric (DTE):Oracle to the HANA Platform Kaero in collaboration with SAP America and Itron

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MDM to HANA Platform

Kaero has successfully completed the development and testing of the Itron Enterprise Edition™ (IEE) Meter Data Management (MDM) solution migration to the SAP HANA® platform. Itron is a leading technology company that provides solutions which measures, manage, and analyze electricity and water usage. Their Meter Data Management (MDM) platform, IEE, has been running successfully on

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Utilities Consulting

Kaero has been working with Electric, Gas, and Water Utility industry for 2 years.  Kaero has extensive experience providing system architecture, system design and development, and managed services. We specialize in Grid Modernization, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Smart Grid, Analytics and Analytic Platforms (Back Office and Edge), Systems Integration, Production Support, ERP Systems, and

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